Manlio Roseano was born in Conegliano (TV), Italy on the 30th November 1974. At the age of four, following his father's transfers, Manlio starts moving around Italy. He lives in Rome, Bassano del Grappa, Treviso, Udine, Venice and Munich. There he follows the German schools and receives the diploma of interpreter and translator of German at the Goethe Institut in 1986.
Already with the passion for cinema, Manlio attends a private course on semiotics and cinema theory during the last two years of scientific high school in Udine, Italy. He is getting ready for the selection for the directing course at the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” in Rome. He tries it in the summer 1993, right after graduation from high school. Unfortunately, although he makes it through the selections, he’s not included in final course.
In 1994 he enters the University of Rome at the faculty of Literature and Philosophy, writing at the same time some short stories, and shooting his first videos, looking for another Film School to attend.
In January 1995 he goes to London where he studies the art of film making at The London International Film School. After two years course on film technique, he graduates as director-producer, experiencing all the jobs in film making by working in many short films.
In autumn 1996 he writes, produces and directs what he considers his first film: “Dreamlife”, a twenty minutes short film awarded for Best Short Film at the ‘Premio Excelsior’ in Rome in 1997.
He becomes a member of the DGGB and founds in London with other friends the production company Wonderworks Productions Ltd. Back to Italy in 1998, he shoots the commercial for a company in Milan: Opengate SpA., broadcasted on the national Italian television Rai in June 1999. In Italy he founds the first film production company in Friuli, in the northeast region of Italy, the Skenè Snc. based in Udine.
Shortly after, he is contacted by a non profit organisation that commissions him a film project based on a novel and sponsored by the local government fund. He writes the script by the end of 2000 and produces and directs what becomes his first feature film: “Il terzo leone” (The third lion).
Presented in July 2001 in Udine as the major film production of the region, the film gets selected in several film festival across the US and wins Best Feature Film at the 2nd Fargo Film Festival, the Silver Award for Best Foreign Feature Film at the 35th Worldfest in Houston and Best Long Drama at the 2nd Thunderbird International Film Festival in Cedar City, UT. In April 2002 he finishes the feature length documentary on the Kelts, “Keltoi”, commissioned by the Friuli Region, shooting in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy and getting the best historians and experts together for the interviews. After the success in the United States of “Il terzo leone” (The third lion), Manlio develops a feature project: the historical drama “Gladio”. The research and the writing takes him for more than two years and when the fourth draft is finally ready the critical financial condition of the Italian film industry in 2004 and 2005 and the lack of production support from the American producers, forces him to put the project aside.
Spending a long time in Munich he is then approached by a German software company, 3Points Software GmbH. They offering him a position as a media industry consultant for the marketing and the international sales of their key product: the rights management software ‘Mediafusion’.

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This experience brings Manlio a wide knowledge of the business and marketing side of the media industry by attending all the major festivals and markets and meeting the world leading distributors and sales agents. In May 2005 he works as production manager in “Espelho Magico” when the Portuguese legendary director Manoel De Oliveira decides to shoot his film partly in Venice. The film enters the official selection at the Venice Film Festival in 2005 and Manlio is in charge of the whole organisation of the film delegation during the festival. The same year Manlio starts his studies of American and German literature at the University in Venice and begins his search for a interesting story to base his next film project on.
On the 9th July 2005, Manlio marries Maurizia, a beautiful Italian publisher, and moves to her hometown Bologna, in the centre of Italy.
The following year he works as press agent in Manoel De Oliveira’s next film: “Belle toujours” again in the official selection at the 63rd Venice Film Festival.
In Summer 2007 Manlio attends the Independent Film Making class and the Director’s Master Class at The Maine Media Workshops in Rockoport, Maine, USA.
After a long search, Manlio finds finally a good novel to adapt for the big screen. It’s Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s bestseller and first novel “The judge and his hangman”.
In January 2008 he participates at the “Rutger Hauer’s Film Factory” in Rotterdam as director and manages to shoot, together with an international crew, the short film “Ties that bind”, as part of the workshop.
The quest for the film rights for Dürrenmatt’s novel began in February 2007 and, at the end of April 2008, after more than a year, he finally has acquired the exclusive option to adapt the book into a feature film.
The development of this feature film will keep Manlio busy for many years, although the high quality of the project and the top cast attached to it.
From 2009 Manlio is a script and project development consultant for the FSG Law Firm based in Rome. He analyses various feature scripts, writing detailed script reports and consulting his lawyer and partner on several international film projects, like Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film “Day of the Falcon” in 2011.
In 2012 he worked together with his old actor friend Gary Condes on the short film “A bit older and a little bit taller”, written by Gary a long time ago.
The short film, shot in one day only, has major success in several international film festivals. Throughout 2013 it wins The Golden Remi Award for Best Comedy Short at the 46th Worldfest in Houston, is Official Finalist at the Barcelona International Film Festival, wins as Best International Short at the 6th Indie Spirit Film Festival in Colorado Springs, is in the Official Selection at the Berlin Independent Film festival and is selected at the AFME in Albuquerque, NM. The short film, being part of the Short Film Market in Cannes in 2013, was acquired by Shorts TV and Egoist TV and will be available on the VOD online platforms.

At the moment the shooting of his feature film “The Judge and his Hangman”, due to difficulties in the financing process, had to be postponed to the fall 2018.
In the meantime he has started a new production. “Angels Four”, an adventure film about the first ascent of the highest waterfall in the world: the Angel Falls.
The shooting is planned for January 2018 in the Venezuelan jungle.