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Manlio Roseano is an Italian director and producer with a long background in film history, semiotics and film theory.

In almost 25 years of experience, he has worked in every department of the film industry and has attended Master Classes on film technique and directing.

His credits include feature films and short films, awarded in several festivals internationally.

He is a script doctor and project development consultant and is currently active as writer, director and producer, within the EU and UK.

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Manlio Roseano was born in Conegliano, Italy on the 30th November 1974.

During the last two years of high school, Manlio attends a private course on film history, semiotics and cinema theory.

He enters the University of Rome at the faculty of Literature and Philosophy and starts writing short stories and shooting his first videos.

In January 1995 he goes to London where he studies the art of film making at The London International Film School. After a two years course on film technique, he graduates as director-producer, experiencing all the jobs in the film making industry by working in many short films.

In autumn 1996 he writes, produces and directs what he considers his first film: Dreamlife, a twenty minutes short film awarded Best Short Film at the "Premio Excelsior" in Rome in 1997.

Back in Italy, in 2001, he writes the script, produces and directs his first feature film: Il terzo leone (The third lion).

The film gets selected in several film festivals around the world and in 2002 wins Best Feature Film Award at the 2nd Fargo Film Festival, the Silver Award for Best Foreign Feature Film at the 35th  Worldfest in Houston and Best Long Drama Award at the 2nd Thunderbird International Film Festival in Cedar City, UT.

In April 2002 he finishes the feature length documentary “Keltoi” on the Kelts in Europe.

In May 2005 he works as production manager in "Espelho Magico" when the Portuguese legendary director Manoel De Oliveira decides to shoot his film partly in Venice. The film enters the official selection at the Venice Film Festival in 2005 and Manlio is in charge of the whole organisation of the film delegation during the festival. 

The same year Manlio starts his studies of American and German literature at the University in Venice.

The following year he works as press agent in Manoel De Oliveira’s next film: "Belle toujours" selected at the 63rd Venice Film Festival.

In Summer 2007 Manlio attends the Independent Film Making class and the Director’s Master class at The Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, Maine, USA.

In January 2008 he participates at the Rutger Hauer’s Film Factory in Rotterdam as director and manages to shoot, together with an international crew, the short film “Ties that bind”, as part of the workshop.

Since May 2009 Manlio is script doctor and project development consultant for the FS Law Firm based in Rome.

In July 2012 he directs the comedy short film “A bit older and a little bit taller”. The film wins in 2013 Best Short Film Award at the Indie Spirit Film Festival in Colorado Springs, USA, the Gold Remi Award at the Worldfest in Houston, Texas and is Official Finalist at the Barcelona Film Festival.

In May 2019 he starts shooting his first international feature film “Le Cineaste - a director’s journey”. With this film Manlio wins Best Director Award in November 2020 and the film wins Best Picture at the Montreal Independent Film Festival in January 2021.

The film will be released in 2021.

Manlio currently lives between Munich and the Italian Alps, working on his next projects.


Production Manager

Espelho màgico (Magic mirror), by Manoel de Oliveira, 137’, 35mm, colour,

In competition at the 62nd Venice Film Festival, Filbox Produçoes, 2005.

Director of Photography

A time to live, a time to die, super 16mm, colour, independent film for the Dutch TV 1997.

Exiled, 10’, 16mm, colour, documentary, LIFS, 1995.

Soul, 1’, 16mm, colour, LIFS, 1995.


Camera Operator

Rolling stone, 15’, 35mm Panavision, colour, selected for the guest show, LIFS 1996.

La moda, 1’, 16mm, colour, selected for the guest show, LIFS 1995.

Art Director

Black Venice, 10’, 35mm, b/w, selected for the guest show, LIFS 1996.

My home town, 55’,16mm, colour, selected for the guest show, LIFS1996.


Sound recordist

My kind of girl, 30’, 16mm, colour, stereo sound, selected for the guest show, LIFS 1996.

The retreat, 15’, 35mm, colour, presented at Bellaria Film Festival in 1997.


Key Grip

Justice in mind, 15’,16mm, colour, FUJIFILM Competition, LIFS, 1995.

- Winner of the “FUJI FILM Award” for Best Film in 1995.
- Winner of the “ARRIFlex Award” for Best Camera Work in 1995.

Two to two, 15’, 35mm Panavision, colour, selected for the guest show, LIFS, 1996.


Keltoi, 90’, documentary, various formats, colour, Skenè Snc, 2002.

Exiled, 10’, documentary, 16mm, colour, LIFS, 1995.

Kabala, 1’, 16mm, colour, LIFS, 1995.

Line Producer

Black Venice, 10’, 35mm, b/w, selected for the guest show, LIFS, 1996.

Press Agent

Belle toujours, by Manoel de Oliveira 90’, 35mm, colour,

Out of competition at the 63rd Venice Film Festival, Filbox Produçoes, 2006

Script Consultant

Day of the Falcon, by Jean-Jacques Annaud, 120', Quinta Communications, 2011. 


  • Director’s Master Class at the “Rutger Hauer’s Film Factory”, Rotterdam, Holland.

  • Director’s Master Class and Independent Filmmaking course at “The Maine Media Workshop”, Rockport, ME, USA.

  • The London International Film School, London, UK

  • University of Rome “La Sapienza”, faculty of Literature and Philosophy with performing arts courses.

  • Intensive private course in film theory, critics and film language, Udine, Italy.

  • Intensive video workshop in Udine, Italy.

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