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50 years ago...

On the 13th January 1971, four men reached for the first time the top of the highest waterfall in the world: the Angel Falls.

These extraordinary men are (from left to right in the picture): George Bogel, David Nott, John Timo and Paul Straub.

I planed to shoot the film based on the book "Angels Four" by David Nott and about this incredible adventure in Venezuela last year and get it released for the 50th anniversary of the climb. Unfortunately the worldwide spreading of the SarsCov-2 Virus and the pandemic caused by it, stopped the whole world and forced me to postpone the production.

I made a promise to David and the others, I will make this film. It's just a matter of time.

We all hope the world situation goes eventually back to normal so that we can proceed with the production and make this film.

In the meantime, check this incredible story in my website and look for the book by David.

He also recently released his latest book: "Memoirs of an MI6 agent". You can find it on Amazon.

Stay tuned.


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